Cheer on. Hopefully your team will look as good as you.
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About Twelve Saturdays

If you're visiting Twelve Saturdays for the first time, you may find something missing. In fact, if you're accustomed to the selection found at most university bookstores or websites, you may find a lot missing.

We don't have the standard-issue collegiate logo tees and hats that you see throughout the stands. Instead, we have the most stylish gameday clothing and accessories from young and modern designers who love the game as much as they love to look unique and fabulous.

About Liz Thomas
Founder, Twelve Saturdays

On a road trip to the beach in 2010, a girlfriend and I were discussing careers, the notion of "doing what you love" and how one could make that happen in their life. I jokingly said that my two passions were fashion and college football and, "if only I could figure out a way to combine the two into a business then I'd be set."

After thinking about that conversation for a couple of weeks, I decided to figure it out. Fast-forward one year and Twelve Saturdays has become a reality. As a Virginia native, a graduate of the University of South Carolina, and a current resident of Tallahassee, Florida, I've seen that nothing unites the South like college football. It's this passion and community that I love. Each Saturday is an event and I want you to be the best-dressed for the occasion.

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