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Gift Certificates

Purchasing a gift certificate?

It’s the simplest and speediest way to send the gift of gameday! Our gift certificates are purchased just like any other item in our store, except that they go straight to your inbox instead of your mailbox! We’ll email you or your recipient a lovely PDF file accompanying your personalized message and gift code.

Please keep in mind:

* We do not offer hard copies of cards or certificates.

* For your safety and security, certificates purchased in larger amounts require review and approval by our Customer Care team. This may create a small delay between the time you purchase the certificate and the time it’s sent.

Redeeming a gift certificate?

Gift certificates can be redeemed by entering the code in the 'Have a discount?' box at checkout. The amount of the gift certificate will automatically be applied to your purchase.

Any unused balance amount will be emailed to the customer placing the order, and will be applied to your next order.

Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash. Returns on items purchased with a gift certificate will be issued as store credit.

Redeeming a coupon?

To redeem a coupon, enter the code in the "Coupon Code" box at checkout. The discount will automatically be applied to your order.

Problems with a gift certificate or coupon?

For any questions or problems concerning the purchasing or usage of gift certificates or coupons, please contact us at and we will get back to you ASAP. Please provide as much information as possible to aid us in solving your problem quickly.

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